Acupuncture and Support for Fertility, and Assisted Reproductive Technology

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Aquilia Acupuncture

Diagnostic indications of subfertility

Subfertility is broadly defined as either an inability to conceive after one or one-two years of frequent unprotected sexual intercourse. Frequent unprotected sexual intercourse should occur at regular intervals at one to three days in the woman’s fertile window.

The more frequent unprotected sexual intercourse is (every one-two days), the more likely it is to result in conception. There are other important considerations when considering time-to-conception delays such as aging fertility, and or stress may negatively influence time to conception.

Aquilia Acupuncture

Reasons for utilisation of assisted reproductive technology

In the UK male factor subfertility is the most prevalent condition leading to the use of assisted reproductive technology. The next reason is unexplained subfertility, i.e. non-medically identified. There are other less prevalent conditions where assisted reproductive technology is utilised, tubal factor disease, endometriosis or hormonal disorders.

Aquilia Acupuncture

Acupuncture services

Lianne Aquilina provides an advanced acupuncture service to help couples trying to conceive naturally or for couples that are undergoing assisted reproductive technology including IUI/IVF/ICSI, Frozen Transfer (FT), third-party sperm donor or egg donor cycles. 

Lianne Aquilina is co-author of Acupuncture for IVF/ICSI: Research Resource. Lianne reviewed systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Resource briefing paper is for health professionals and scientific researchers. Lianne’s critique of the evidence base has currently had over 18,000 downloads. Read a copy on our research tab. 

Aquilia Acupuncture

Supportive management

Acupuncture can help people feel less anxious and stressed about their difficulties conceiving, medical fertility treatment processes or their experience of fertility treatment obstacles.

Lianne Aquilina has conducted work in the area of the psychological impact of subfertility and fertility treatment and uses acupuncture to help to reduce fertility-related anxiety, stress and depression.

Lianne is also co-author of the textbook Acupuncture for IVF and Assisted Reproduction: An Integrated Approach to Treatment Management. 

Aquilia Acupuncture

Research Recommendation Acupuncture for IVF/ICSI RCT

If you would like information on how to design a high-quality acupuncture intervention within a high-quality randomised controlled trial design contact Lianne Aquilina. Lianne has a Master of Science in Applied Health Research and produced a research proposal for a randomised controlled trial of acupuncture for IVF with the support of professors of research. 

See Lianne Aquilina’s excerpt below:


Lianne is a highly qualified and experienced acupuncture clinician. An acupuncture educator, visiting guest lecturer, and co-author of a bestselling international acupuncture textbook. Our patients can be assured of expertise and commitment towards your health outcome. Read more click here.



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