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Aquilia Acupuncture is a specialist acupuncture clinic and we are able to offer our patients a one-to-one, professional advanced acupuncture service either as a standalone treatment or as an integrated healthcare service.

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Medical Diagnosis

At Aquilia Acupuncture we recommend that if you have not yet visited your GP about your condition we advise you to do so. If a medical diagnosis has been established and you would like to try acupuncture to see if it may help the management of your condition, please book an appointment.

Aquilia Acupuncture is a specialist acupuncture clinic and we are able to offer our patients a one-to-one, professional, advanced and independent acupuncture service.

At Aquilia Acupuncture we are highly qualified in acupuncture. This means we have a range of skills and competency in the assessment and delivery of acupuncture for health and personal care. At Aquilia we are able to provide expert, high quality services that aim to get you feeling better as quickly and effectively as possible. Aquilia Acupuncture is principled in valid informed and shared decision making.  

Public Safety, Autonomy, Expertise

Traditional acupuncture is a term currently used to describe an acupuncturist that has completed high-level education accredited by the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board.

In England, the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) independently manages accredited registers which oversee professions not regulated by law, with health and care professionals practicing within and outside of the NHS in community settings. British Acupuncture Council members (MBAcC) are on an accredited register.


Health Care Information Resource

The World Health Organization (WHO)

Find out more about acupuncture from WHO.


National Health Service (NHS)  

Read about acupuncture or for clear information about your condition and standard treatment options available to you.


British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) Research Fact Sheets

Read more about acupuncture from the British Acupuncture Council.


NICE The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Read more about evidence-based recommendations developed by independent committees, including professionals and lay members, and consulted on by stakeholders.


Research Council Complementary Medicine (RCCM) 

Read more about the vision of RCCM promotion of research to widen the availability and access to safe and effective complementary medicine for patients within the National Health Service.


Evidence-Based Acupuncture

This organisation provides an overview of the scientific mechanisms of acupuncture and a review and publish the evidence base of acupuncture.


Society of Acupuncture Research (SAR)

SAR mission statement is to advance patient care and promote scientific evaluation into acupuncture and allied therapies. To  dissemination and implement findings. 

Cochrane UK

Cochrane is an independent network of researchers, professionals, patients, carers and people interested in health. Researchers work with the aim to produce credible, accessible health information free from commercial sponsorship and other proposed conflicts of interest. Cochrane produces reviews that summarise the best available evidence that has been generated through research to help inform decisions about health. Please review British Acupuncture Council Statement on Acupuncture Research Methodology for Randomsied Controlled Trials.


Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)

This authority provides information for public health awareness and regulation of the medical fertility sector in the UK.

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