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Lianne Aquilina MSc Health Research, BSc Hons Acupuncture, Advanced Certification Acupuncture, Member of British Acupuncture Council MBAcC, Affiliate Member of British Medical Society of Acupuncture BMAS DipAyt

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Lianne Aquilina MSc BSc Hons MBAcC DipAyt Acupuncturist

Award for Studies in Health, Life and Social Sciences
Healthcare Researcher
Acupuncture Guest Lecturer
Ayurveda Therapist

Member of the British Acupuncture Council and Affiliate Member of the British Medical Society of Acupuncture

Voluntary Register Accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

16 Years of Clinical Experience

Coauthor of an International Best Selling Text Book Acupuncture for IVF

“I am dedicated to improving people’s healthcare outcomes, by incorporating high-quality care pathways, and advanced acupuncture in a very personable, highly skilled and professional manner. I review each patient’s case and provide you with essential information for shared decision making. I have 16 years of clinical expertise, and look forward to helping you.”

Lianne Marie Aquilina

Lianne Aquilina MSc BSc Hons MBAcC BMAS DipAyt

Biography, Education, Award, and Activity

Module Res* Research Lecturer
  • Lecturer of “Critical Appraisal of Health Research.” City College Acupuncture, London, 2019.
  • Lecturer of “Introduction to Healthcare Statistics: Results and Interpretation.” City College Acupuncture, London, 2019.
Research Peer Reviewer of Acupuncture Research for a European Journal, and other publications
  • 2018-2019
Research Resource Briefing Document for Clinician's and Researchers

2019 Lianne Aquilina with Mark Bovey coauthored a research resource for health professionals and researchers “A review of the evidence base for IVF or ICSI and Acupuncture: Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses.” A new resource for the British Acupuncture Council, UK. Click here for a link to the briefing document.

Research Spokesperson
2018-2019 Lianne was appointed as a media research spokeswoman regarding acupuncture research, public and professional relations.
Acupuncture Research Project Supervisor
2016-2019 Lianne currently is a Master of Science Research Supervisor, Acupuncture Online Tutor and Dissertation Marker at the Northern College of Acupuncture, York, for the Online Global MSc in Advanced Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
Applied Health Research Master of Science
  • 2017 Lianne Aquilina was awarded a Master of Science (MSc) in Applied Health Research from the Health Science Department University of York, UK.

Lianne’s research included “A review of the reporting quality of key design and analysis components of cluster randomised controlled trials: a sample of monographs from health and education.”

This was a retrospective review of cluster randomised controlled trials funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), Health Technology Assessment (HTA) programme and a sample of trials in the field of education funded by the Educational Endowment Foundation (EEF). The consolidated standards of reporting randomised controlled trials (CONSORT) statement cluster extension was used as a benchmark for the quality of reporting of cluster trials. Recommendations were made.

Specialised modules included epidemiology, research methods, qualitative research in healthcare, health economics, designing randomised controlled trials, health behaviour, health and social statistics, measuring health and disease, principles of policy, practice and evidence base, systematic reviews and meta-analysis.

6th National Congress Visiting Guest Speaker

2017 Lianne Aquilina and her colleague Irina Szmelskyj were invited guest speakers at the 6th Congress on “Infertility and IVF” Italy for medical doctors and consultants. Topics included:

  • Optimising Natural Conception
  • Regulating the Menstrual Cycle
  • Advanced Acupuncture for IVF
  • The Social and Psychological Impact of Subfertility and Fertility Treatment
  • Management and debate of Recurrent Implantation Failure (RIF)
Fertility Research Psychological and Social Management of Subfertility and Fertility Treatment

Lianne’s research explored the Stigma surrounding subfertility in society and healthcare. Lianne outlines implications and recommends management strategies as well as future healthcare and service research.

Coauthor of Acupuncture for Assisted Reproduction Textbook for Acupuncturists
  • 2015 the book she co-authored was published by Elsevier the book is entitled ‘Acupuncture for IVF and Assisted Reproduction: An Integrated Approach to Treatment Management.
  • The book has achieved best-selling acupuncture textbook in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, United States of America, Canada, Australia, and India (ISBN: 978-0702050107).
Observational Researcher
  • 2012 she was invited by the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board (BAAB) to be the Accreditation Research Observer and Reporter for the accreditation process of the department of health of a Master of Science (MSc) course in Chinese Acupuncture, Southbank University, London.
Acupuncture Classics
  • 2009 Lianne obtained a distinction for a Masters of Arts (MA) module ‘Reading Chinese Medical Classics‘ – a specialist module offered by The College of Traditional Acupuncture (CTA) postgraduate education department affiliated with Oxford Brookes University, UK.
Acupuncture Articles
  • Lianne has published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine/Journal of Chinese Medicine/European Journal of Integrated Medicine and is a Contributing News Columnist for the Acupuncture Now Foundation (ANF) USA.
Visiting Guest Lecturer Acupuncture for Fertility, IVF and Early Pregnancy Support
  • Lianne is also a visiting guest lecturer to undergraduate MSc and BSc students on the use of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in the treatment and management of infertility and IVF. University of Lincoln, and Northern College of Acupuncture.

Acupuncturist Lianne Aquilina MSc BSc MBAcC

Key Education, Qualification and Activity continued

2000 NVQ Level 3 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Support Boston Healthcare Consultants
2005 First Class Hons Bachelor of Science Degree in Acupuncture British Acupuncture Accreditation Board. Membership of British Acupuncture Council. University of Lincoln.
2006 Award for Studies in Health, Life and Social Science Obtained award and prize for Studies in Health, by Professor B. McGaw BSc Hons, Ph.D., C. Biol, C. Chem, FRSC, C, Sci. Dean of The Faculty of Health, Life and Social Sciences at the University of Lincoln.
2007 Primary Qualitative Research Qualitative research conducted on ‘The Therapeutic Relationship’ is published by Palgrave in Chapter 10 of ‘Professional Perspectives in Health Care’, edited by Carol Wilkinson, USA.
2008 Advanced Acupuncture One of a handful of qualified acupuncturists in the UK Certified in Advanced Acupuncture at the Guangdong Province Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, affiliated with the Hospital of GuangZhou University of Chinese Medicine, China.
2008 Acupuncture Educator, Clinical Practice Supervisor, and Examiner, Lincoln University, Lincolnshire Invitation to teach by the University of Lincoln’s acupuncture program leader as their BSc Hons Acupuncture Clinical Supervisor. Lianne taught acupuncture clinical practice for 8 years.


Lianne is a highly qualified and experienced acupuncture clinician. An acupuncture educator, visiting guest lecturer, and co-author of a bestselling international acupuncture textbook. Our patients can be assured of expertise and commitment towards your health outcome. Read more click here.


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