My Partner and I started trying for a baby and after a few months I had a positive pregnancy test. From then on my pregnancy was smooth sailing. Everything was completely textbook so I guess I was considered to be low risk. Our baby was due April 16th 2011; however, by this date there was still no arrival. We were back and forth to the midwife and then eventually when I was 10 days overdue I went in for an induction on Monday 25th April, 9pm. I remember that on the day we had been busy buying a few last minute bits, chatting with friends and generally feeling excited but nervous about our new arrival. Finally, we got to the hospital and my partner was told to leave and would be called when things started moving. As soon as he left the midwife strapped a monitor to me in order to listen to the baby’s heartbeat however she could only pick up mine. After swapping machines and still not getting any joy she asked me the dreaded question “When did you last feel the baby move”? and something inside me started to panic because I couldn’t remember. We’d been so busy that day and the baby never moved around much when I was active so I just didn’t know. We then went down for a scan and I was told the heartbreaking news that there was no heartbeat and our baby had died. I cannot describe to you the panic, pain, and devastation that I felt in that moment especially given that I was alone. As I’m sure you can imagine the following few hours were horrendous as firstly I had to call my partner back without letting him know anything was wrong and then tell him the bad news and then we had to tell friends and family. After this we had to tackle the birth which was fairly traumatic for various reasons, one being that our son had shoulder dystocia and got stuck; plus he turned out to be 9lb 6 which was quite unexpected so I had a bit of trouble giving birth to him but eventually he arrived and despite it all he was beautiful. Needless to say, the next few months were dark ones however I am grateful every day that we managed to get through it together as a couple because looking back I can see how easy it would have been for us to shut down and drift apart. Of course, we now wanted children more than ever; especially since we were told that our son hadn’t died because of anything we had done or any type of medical condition. We were told we could try again as soon as we were ready and so we did. By October I was pregnant again, but by the middle of November, I had started bleeding and subsequently suffered a miscarriage at approx. 6 weeks. We were again told that early miscarriages are very common and we should not worry. By December I was pregnant again however by the New Year I had suffered another miscarriage at 5 weeks. It was around this time that I went to see a psychic and she advised me to have acupuncture so I found Lianne Aquilina online and started to see her regularly. She was amazing. She listened to everything that had happened so far and explained what could be done from her point of view with acupuncture but not only that, she gave me hope and real practical advice. We also decided to see our doctor and request a referral to the hospital and by March we had an appointment with a consultant in Peterborough who specialised in this area. He wasn’t very sympathetic and was very quick to tell us there was nothing wrong with me; however, he did run the standard tests which all came back ok. I remember asking him if perhaps my progesterone levels were low however he brushed this notion aside and told me no. All around us we seemed to be surrounded by people having children successfully with no problems at all. We decided to go private and booked an appointment with Dr Gorgy in London. He was great; very helpful, very sympathetic but very expensive. By this stage it wasn’t about the money so we went ahead with his initial tests, which confirmed that my partner definitely didn’t have a problem his side; however, I had results in regards to my immune system meaning my body was rejecting the embryo when it implanted and destroying it within a few weeks. 2013 began uneventfully and we were grateful. We had made a few lifestyle changes. I had given up my job in central London and decided to work locally and my partner took his foot off the gas at work also in the hope that we could just spend more quality time together and stay strong as a couple in order to face whatever may lay ahead. Towards the end of last year, I’d become obsessive in regards to getting pregnant. The bathroom was full of ovulation kits, pregnancy tests, and fertility monitors. It was costing a lot of money, a lot of time and all of my energy but I couldn’t just ‘forget it’ as people often tell you to. By March I still wasn’t pregnant so of course, I started to think I was now infertile. My obsession threatened to take over, but I changed my focus back to our local hospital. I was able to talk to Lianne about my latest crusade and see if it was advisable or not. I began acupuncture treatment to promote my fertility and help me to conceive. We continued trying and every month I wasn’t pregnant was difficult but finally, it started to become a little less painful and then in July I saw that one word that dominated my world appear on a stick ‘pregnant’. Now you’d think I was jumping for joy after all the pain we’d suffered but the first thing I felt was a relief and the second thing I felt was fear. But we had to focus and I decided we needed to do absolutely everything in our power to keep his baby. I then remembered that the consultant had promised me progesterone so I called his office and demanded the prescription was written straight away so I could start taking them that night and finally I contacted Lianne and she scheduled me in immediately for early pregnancy support with acupuncture. It was on. I saw Lianne and we talked through the plan and decided I would see her twice a week until around the 9-week mark and since the hospital wouldn’t scan me until I was 6 weeks I was thankful to have Lianne. She gave me advice on how to stay relaxed and reassured me every step of the way. Every time I went to see her she was positive and always listened to me and how I was feeling. We didn’t know what to think or how things were going to turn out but she was there for us and when we made it to 6 weeks she was so happy for us. Finally, we made it to 9 weeks and we started to relax some more and tell family and friends. At last, we had good news for them. Right now I’m 27 weeks and loving every minute of being pregnant again. We’re backward and forwards to the hospital more than the average bear but that just provides us with more reassurance and we have faith that everything will work out this time for us and our little girl. Every day we miss her brother and always will and the dark times that followed tested our strength in ways we never knew existed but we are still here and able to tell our story so far. We can only continue to have hope that the final outcome will be a happy one. After losing our son we thought we could never move forward and the need to still create a family was so great that I know we couldn’t have got this far without Lianne. She is everything a person trying for a baby needs at some point during the process; not just physically with the acupuncture treatments but mentally as another human being who is willing to help and not dismiss you as a freak of nature who can’t do the basics. She is the happy medium between a private clinic and the NHS as she can provide you with treatment yet be realistic in her approach from a medical and holistic point of view. For us, she is the best of both worlds and a genius of her profession. We are forever grateful.


Lianne is a highly qualified and experienced acupuncture clinician. An acupuncture educator, visiting guest lecturer, and co-author of a bestselling international acupuncture textbook. Our patients can be assured of expertise and commitment towards your health outcome. Read more click here.


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