We had been trying to conceive for more than 2 and a half years after I stopped taking the contraceptive pill. We had tried using ovulation sticks, researched all the usual methods, timings, diets etc. with not the slightest hint of getting pregnant. To add to the frustration, my GP did not share our concern at all despite me having a strong feeling something was not right because I was “only 31”.

Deciding I would be willing to first try any natural aids for conception, I looked into acupuncture on the web and found Lianne Aquilina in Stamford. Upon contacting Lianne, she offered to sit down with me in her own time and go through what we had been doing, how long we had been trying etc. This was the first time I had spoken to anyone about how to best try for a baby in such detail apart from my husband and I already felt like a huge weight had been lifted.

Until this point I had been feeling totally helpless and hopeless, as though it is just so easy for everybody else in the world and that we were just destined to not have a family at all seeing as my own GP was unwilling to help.

After the fertility review, Lianne gave me a list of some preliminary tests I should ask my doctor to arrange in order to get the ball rolling to find out why we hadn’t conceived so far. This gave me the confidence to go in there and tell him what I wanted so he didn’t just send me away again telling me “it’ll happen soon… You’re still young”.

I am so pleased we did.

I had the blood tests, which found I had an FSH level of 12, and the tube dye test discovered my tubes were clear but the tests found that I had a uterine septum.

This means due to the size of the septum in my uterus it would halt any fetus trying to grow and possibly cause recurring miscarriages. I was quickly referred for surgery.

It was at the consultant’s before the operation to remove the septum that we were told that due to the slightly higher FSH level we would be put forward for IVF treatment on the NHS. We had our IVF treatment in Care Fertility Nottingham.

I had my operation to remove the septum, and then went for my 1st official consultation with Lianne Aquilina to start my acupuncture treatment in preparation for IVF. Lianne immediately made me feel at ease talking about the most personal things.

I saw her once a week at the Stamford clinic from and I started my hormone treatment. Each session was a chance for me to relax and talk about how I was feeling throughout the process, emotionally as well as physically.

From the soothing music and atmosphere to help me when I have been feeling anxious with extra pressure points, and invaluable advice regarding the options I have in the IVF process, Lianne has helped me to understand what I am going through, even when I have not been sure myself!

Her professional, friendly and forever positive advice throughout our treatment has been remarkable and I am delighted to say that less than a year after our initial meeting, we are celebrating looking forward to the birth of our miracle baby.

I can honestly say that we would not be in this amazingly exciting situation, that only 6 months ago felt like the impossible, without Lianne’s help.


Lianne is a highly qualified and experienced acupuncture clinician. An acupuncture educator, visiting guest lecturer, and co-author of a bestselling international acupuncture textbook. Our patients can be assured of expertise and commitment towards your health outcome. Read more click here.


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