IVF/ICSI with supportive acupuncture by Lianne Aquilina is I believe one of the reasons my husband and I have the most beautiful baby boy. Our long awaited miracle baby.

If I was to go through IVF again without a shadow of a doubt I’d go back to Lianne for more acupuncture. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Her professionalism, passion for her job, and desire to help others is beyond compare.

Not being a fan of needles the thought of having to go through IVF and acupuncture was pretty unnerving. However, when I first stepped into Lianne’s clinic I felt immediately at ease and in safe hands.

Her extensive knowledge of subfertility, and its accompanying issues gave me confidence and hope at a very stressful time during my IVF treatment.

Lianne spent time learning about me and how endometriosis personally affected me. She reviewed our fertility test results and the medical protocol I was going to be on for IVF before she began my acupuncture treatment. Her knowledge of IVF clinics and how they are run instilled a great deal of confidence. I felt so much happier knowing I could discuss every aspect of my treatment and any concerns I had.

During the two week wait after embryo transfer, when I spoke to Lianne about feeling so overwhelmed she also offered to give me an ayurvedic face relaxing face massage. It was just what I needed…

To be told by a healthcare professional that potentially I may require donor eggs for IVF, due to my stage 4 endometriosis, was a shock. That was not the case and our first son is finally here.

We cherish every moment with our son. We can not believe we got to see him at only one cell in a petri dish. IVF/ICSI is just incredible. We feel fortunate it worked for us.

I am certain this first round of medical treatment was significantly increased by Lianne Aquilina and the acupuncture sessions I attended before and throughout my IVF cycle.

Lianne helped put me at ease during one of the most stressful times of my life and for that I am very thankful.

If you are considering whether acupuncture is worth it, and how it can help, my advice to you is give it a go, you will not regret it.


Lianne is a highly qualified and experienced acupuncture clinician. An acupuncture educator, visiting guest lecturer, and co-author of a bestselling international acupuncture textbook. Our patients can be assured of expertise and commitment towards your health outcome. Read more click here.


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