Our eldest son was conceived naturally after about 5 months and when he turned two and a half my husband and I decided we would like to expand the family.

A year later with no success, we decided it was time to seek the advice of our doctor as we were both in our mid-thirties and conscious that time was ticking. We both had various tests done and were admitted to the fertility unit of our local hospital.

It took about a year to get into the system, but once in things moved quickly I started a six-month course of Clomid. Unfortunately, during this time we didn’t conceive, and so our next course of action as advised by the doctor was to look into IVF which we duly did.

Although very grateful for the option to try IVF, I dearly wanted to conceive naturally so started researching fertility acupuncturists.
After contacting a few, Lianne came highly recommended to me, and armed with my list of questions for Lianne I felt reassured, well informed and happy to commit to weekly acupuncture sessions.

The acupuncture itself was absolutely fine, I think sometimes the anticipation of a needle can seem worse than the real thing and I was surprised how relaxing I found it.

Lianne treated me for natural conception and preparing my body and mind for IVF should I need it. As the weeks passed by Lianne kept me well informed about my progress, she was very informative and explained things clearly and was happy to answer all of my questions.
I really appreciated this as emotions and anxiety for my husband and myself were running high.

Although I didn’t feel a vast difference in myself throughout the course of the treatments, other than very relaxed after each session and a bit more energised, Lianne reassured me that my body was responding well to the acupuncture and my pulses were getting stronger. She also suggested that if I was going to conceive naturally it would happen within three months of starting the acupuncture.

Well, approximately three months into the acupuncture course I am truly delighted to say that I became pregnant and I gave birth to a baby boy.

We can hardly believe it after our three and half year journey and are forever grateful to Lianne for her help, expertise and unwavering positivity.
If anyone reading this finds themselves in a similar situation, then I cannot recommend Lianne highly enough.


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