At 40 years of age, after years trying for a baby my husband and I decided to have IVF due to tubal scarring and blockage. The first IVF treatment ten years ago was unsuccessful.

After a long time of infertility, and much heartache we decided to have IVF for the second time. I had read an article in a Stamford magazine about a local acupuncturist who specialised in infertility.

My husband and I decided to contact Lianne. After our first appointment with her, we felt very confident that she had not only the expertise but also the right attitude to help us on this journey.

The following week I began my acupuncture treatment in preparation for the second round of IVF. I then continued having it throughout my pregnancy.
Lianne tailored the treatment to my individual needs. Every appointment would involve a discussion as to how I felt, not only physically, but emotionally. She would help me deal with my feelings and then I would receive the actual treatment.

I never felt rushed in the appointments, I felt that I could talk openly to her. Lianne knew what my fears were and her listening and reassurance helped my husband and me to get through it all.

Lianne’s support was at all times, but especially during the egg stimulation and implantation, this was I believe a contributing factor to having five excellent quality blastocysts after the second round of IVF.

We decided to have two blastocysts transferred, in order to increase our chances of success due to our ages.

We now have two lovely children, they are twins. We have our hands full and our hearts overflowing with happiness and love.


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