My husband and I had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for 2.5 years. We were both emotionally and physically drained from the process, especially as we were told we were not eligible for IVF on the NHS due to my weight and the fact that we had not been trying long enough. More heartbreakingly we were told funding for IVF was likely to be cut in our region which meant we were unlikely to receive any help. Tests under the NHS labelled us as having ‘unexplained infertility’ which left us feeling hopeless and dejected. My friend had recommended acupuncture as she had received some after she broke her wrist. After doing some research I came across Lianne’s website and was instantly drawn to her years of experience and academic background, it made us feel we would be in good hands. Our first meeting involved Lianne taking a full history of our difficulties and health. We instantly felt more hopeful as Lianne made us feel like there were things we could try! After some time, we decided to seek private IVF treatment and I had weekly sessions with Lianne in the comfort of my own home. Lianne’s relaxed approach meant it felt more like I was having a friend around. After the acupuncture needles were in we would either have a nice chat (about everything and anything) or listen to some relaxing music. We fell pregnant following a frozen cycle of IVF. Lianne continued the treatment up until 12 weeks which I found extremely reassuring to get me through the first trimester. Lianne’s treatment meant the world to me. Not only did I feel the acupuncture worked on a practical level, I also benefited greatly from her support in managing my anxiety and stress during the first trimester. I looked forward to my weekly sessions and appreciated having space for myself. Lianne was extremely generous with her time and had no problems with me texting her if I had any questions or worries. I would highly recommend her!


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Aquilia Acupuncture
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