Expert Acupuncture for your Healthcare Needs

Aquilia Acupuncture was established in 2005. Acupuncturist Lianne Aquilina is the provider of advanced acupuncture for health and care. Lianne has a Master of Science in Health Research, a First Class Bachelor of Science Degree in Acupuncture and Certification in Advanced Medical Acupuncture.

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Expert Acupuncture for your Healthcare Needs

Aquilia Acupuncture was established in 2005 and Acupuncturist Lianne Aquilina is the provider of advanced acupuncture for health and care. Lianne has a Master of Science in Health Research, a First Class Bachelor of Science Degree in Acupuncture and Certification in Advanced Acupuncture.

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“I am dedicated to improving people’s healthcare outcomes, by incorporating high-quality care pathways, and advanced acupuncture in a very personable, highly skilled and professional manner. I review each patient’s case and provide you with essential information for shared decision making. I have 17 years of clinical acupuncture expertise, and look forward to helping you.”

Lianne Marie Aquilina BSc Hons Acupuncture MSc Applied Health Research Member of the British Acupuncture Council 

Aquilia Acupuncture

Expert acupuncture for your healthcare needs

Aquilia Acupuncture was established in 2005 and is the provider of advanced acupuncture. Lianne has a Master of Science in Health Research and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Acupuncture. Lianne Aquilina held the position of Acupuncture Clinical Supervisor for eight years, where she taught acupuncture for general practice at a high-level education level at the University of Lincoln. Lianne gained an additional qualification in advanced medical and traditional acupuncture in China 2008. Lianne was a MSc research supervisor and is in much demand to teach internationally on the topic of acupuncture and contemporary healthcare. The acupuncture clinics are located in Stamford, Lincolnshire and Baldock, North Hertfordshire.

Acupuncture England

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) independently manages accredited registers which oversee professions not regulated by law, with health and care professionals practicing within and outside of the NHS.

The British Acupuncture Council has a track record of non-statutory regulatory efficacy and is sufficient in its regulation of acupuncture practitioners. British Acupuncture Council members (MBAcC) are on an accredited register. 


Aquilia Acupuncture

Acupuncture Healthcare Services Stamford and Baldock

Acupuncture Degree

Lianne has a BSc Hons in acupuncture, specialist areas include human anatomy and physiology, health psychology, health and disease, pathophysiology, ethical and legal dimensions of healthcare, professional acupuncture practice, and research (quantitative and qualitative). Also, specialist skillset in traditional acupuncture models including theory and diagnostics, chronic illness management with acupuncture.

Lianne Aquilina obtained a First Class Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Acupuncture in 2005 from the University of Lincoln. She was awarded Dean’s prize for studies in Health, Life and Social Science. 

Lianne  has a NVQ Level 3 in diagnostic and therapeutic support, which focuses on implementing skills that promote people’s equality, diversity and rights. As well as promoting effective communication, monitoring and maintaining health, and safety in the clinical environment. 

Master of Science Applied Health Research

Lianne’s postgraduate expertise serves well as a multifaceted approach to health academia and frontline clinical services.

Lianne is able to design, conduct and critique research by other scientists which can facilitate informed and shared decision making.

Research can provide great insight, and lead to healthcare change, provide new treatment opportunities, and review healthcare treatment options and evaluate and create policy.

Lianne applies these skills in academia and clinical practice management when and where required. This facilitates the problem-solving a range of encountered healthcare issues and effectively supports the overall care and treatment of her patients conditions. 

Lianne reviews the latest evidence on a range of healthcare treatments as well as innovation to provide a bespoke approach for optimal results. 

If you would like to find out more about acupuncture for your healthcare need please contact us. 

Fertility management

Acupuncture and Fertility Specialist 

General Medical Conditions

General Practice Management 

Lianne Aquilina Acupuncture Publication

Lianne Aquilina is the coauthor with Irina Szmelskyj of a No.1 Best Selling Acupuncture Textbook:

‘Acupuncture for IVF and Assisted Reproduction: An Integrated Approach to Treatment Management’.

The textbook Acupuncture for IVF and Assisted Reproduction: An Integrated Approach To Treatment and Management
(ISBN: 978-0702050107).

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Patient Fertility Journeys

“At the time of trying for our baby, I was working and commuting into London, work was long hours in a fast paced stressful clothing industry. I realised that I needed to move my work closer to home, before we began to try again. I was suffering from depression at this point. It was something that I had never experienced before.

We started trying again a year later. I had researched all of the different fertility tracking methods, and any “techniques” and educated myself. However, after 5 months of not falling pregnant, I started to think that actually, this may not be as simple as we both thought. It wasn’t until a year later when we sought help from the NHS. After doing a number of blood tests, ultrasounds, and other checks we were told by a gynaecologist specialist that we may be struggling to conceive because of my high FSH levels, and very low AMH levels for my age 30. This meant my eggs weren’t in the best condition to be able to conceive, and we were advised we may need IVF to help.”

“My wife and I found Lianne after two and a half years of failing to conceive and two failed NHS IVF attempts. We had one remaining NHS IVF attempt and wanted to make sure we gave it the best possible chance of success. From people, we had met and many online forums and articles we were aware that many people felt acupuncture was highly beneficial in assisting with infertility and in particular IVF so we booked a consultation. I wasn’t sure what I expected from acupuncture but I was interested to find out more.

At this point in time, our infertility had placed a huge strain on our relationship. We were both feeling down and were struggling to be positive about the future. We also felt very alone. People don’t really talk much about infertility and it can be quite an isolating experience. Help is available from the NHS and IVF clinics but we found it impersonal and matter of fact. I had lost hope that we would ever have a family.”

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Lianne is a highly qualified and experienced acupuncture clinician. An acupuncture educator, visiting guest lecturer, and co-author of a bestselling international acupuncture textbook. Our patients can be assured of expertise and commitment towards your health outcome. Read more click here.



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