'Lianne has changed my life. It has been a miraculous, life changing treatment for me.'

Acupuncture Treatment

In Stamford, Lincolnshire & Baldock, Hertfordshire

Expert medical Acupuncture treatment for your Healthcare Needs. Aquilia Acupuncture clinic in Hertfordshire was established in 2005. Acupuncturist Lianne Aquilina provides advanced acupuncture treatment for health and care and has twenty years of experience. Lianne has a Master of Science in Health Research, a First Class Bachelor of Science Degree in Traditional Acupuncture, and Certification in Advanced Medical Acupuncture. Our acupuncture clinics are within easy reach of Stamford, Lincolnshire, and Baldock, Hertfordshire. We provide a welcoming space for patients to be at ease throughout their treatment. 


Stamford & Baldock

Efficacious and Safe

Insertions of acupuncture points

Lianne Aquilina

Acupuncturist Expertise

Acupuncturist Qualifications

Certification Advanced Acupuncture, First Class Bachelor of Science with Honours in Acupuncture, MSc Health Research, Award for Health and Social Sciences.


Critical Appraisal of Systematic Reviews Acupuncture for IVF/ICSI, Policy for the Psychological Management of Subfertility and Fertility Treatment England, Randomised Controlled Trial Acupuncture for IVF Proposal.


Awarded an Honourable Election Post as Executive Council Member of the 4th Board Speciality Sub-Committee of Health by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies for Professional Contribution to Acupuncture and Academic Achievements.



Pain Relief

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Aquilia Acupuncture Healthcare Patient
Following years of failed specialist medical treatment, and then some failed acupuncture after much persistence, determination to not give up, and further investigation 

I then found a highly qualified acupuncturist by the name of Lianne Aquilina. She has changed my life. It has been a miraculous, life changing treatment for me. I would recommend her to anyone who suffers debilitating pain.”

Aquilia Acupuncture Healthcare Patient
We truly can not thank Lianne enough for all that she has done 

going above and beyond. We credit her hugely in helping our little boy come along. We are no longer living under the cloud and our son is just the best thing that could have ever happened to us.”

Your Medical acupuncturist

Expert acupuncture for your healthcare needs


I provide high quality medical acupuncture treatment that can make the healthcare difference for each patient. Positively changing the quality of life for people that are impacted by a range of stubborn medical conditions and situations. I am dedicated to improving people’s healthcare outcomes, by incorporating high-quality care pathways, advanced integrated medical and specialist traditional acupuncture in a very personable, highly skilled and professional manner. I have over 18 years of clinical expertise, and look forward to helping you.